Best Reflector for Portraits Photography


We are catering the best reflectors for Portrait Photography that fits your budget and style. The purpose of reflector is to eliminate shadow and distribute light evenly on the subject.

There are five most common colors of reflector used in the portrait photography. They are Sliver, Gold, White, Black, and Translucent. It is very important to under the light in order to used reflector. There are different space, size, price and quality of reflector in the market. Our job is to provide you knowledge on the best reflectors for Portrait photography and provide you better idea on how different color of reflector react with indoor and outdoor light.

Best Reflector for Portraits Photography

Sliver Reflector

Sliver reflector is the most common color reflector used by most of the Photographer. Sliver reflector can be used in the indoor and outdoor photography because it does not change the skin tone and keep your white balance setting as it is. It is usually favorable among amateur photographer because it can be used in most of the scenarios.

Sliver reflector is mostly used in low light situations because it reflects brighter light and provide strong fill light. Photographer should be more cautious while taking picture in bright sun light because it is the strongest out of five color. So, it is very important to place reflector in the right position to capture better quality image. We highly recommend that you practice with sliver reflector to get consistency on you photography.

Gold Reflector

The gold reflector are mostly used in outdoor portrait photography. It can produce a magnificent portraits with sunlight. It convert bright sunlight into warm and soft light. We don’t see the people used this often than it should be, but it is very important to understand the light and settings.

We do not recommend to use Gold reflector to use bounce light from flash and indoor photography because it will change the skin tone and distribute uneven light on the subject.

White Reflector

White is also used in most of the scenarios. I is liked by most of the photographers. White reflector cannot reflect light as such as sliver and white reflector but it can used on the subject to get perfect result on eliminate the shadow and evenly brighten face. You need lots of practice on placing white reflector in proper position to achieve outstanding shots. Usually, you may gave to place reflector close to your subject for better result.

White reflector produces a soft light and true skin color. So, it is used in both indoor and outdoor photography. Sometimes, you may have to switch to silver reflector if you see shadow on the subject.

Black Reflector

You may wonder that why we black reflector and most of time you may not see people using it. Black reflector is used when subject is too shiny. It is used most commonly to shoot Jewelries and watches. It is very important to place lights properly to achieve your desire results. The advantage of black reflector to create shadows without having to use intense post editing.


Please don’t get confused, Translucent is not a reflector. It is used to diffuse light and place between light source and the subject. We have seen photographer used big translucent to diffuse the sunlight to achieve outstanding portraits.

It is good to have Translucent with you especially on bright sunlight.


We would like to conclude this post by leaving you with video guide on how to use reflector. Hopefully you will get something out of this post and please revisit our website to learn and find best product for photography.


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